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Leave No Lead Behind with Our Total Sales Closure Services

Seal your every deal with confidence. Trust our total sales closure expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Closing Sales Made Simple with Our Tailored Solutions

At SEO Strikers, we understand that the journey from lead generation to sales closure can be complex and challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive Total Sales Closure services designed to streamline and optimize every phase of your sales process. From initial contact to final contract signing, our team is dedicated to maximizing your conversion rates and driving revenue growth.

1st Phase:

The initial phase is three months long and dedicated to establishing a solid foundation for your brand. In this phase, our experts will produce 12 compelling creatives, including two reels per month. We will focus on:
  • Enhance your online presence and reach.
  • Craft engaging and informative content.
  • Design appealing graphics and reels for brand recognition.
  • Social media sharing and group sharing to achieve organic visibility and engagement
  • Increase organic likes and comments on the posts.

2nd Phase:

The second phase will focus on paid advertising and generate leads through social media. After working on reach and engagement on social media, our experts will curate a personalized strategy for paid ad campaigns. In this phase, we will focus on:
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Create appealing ad copy and graphics to attract an audience
  • Apply customer retargeting strategies.
  • Provide relevant and meaningful leads.
  • Launch the lead-generation campaigns on different platforms.

Final Phase:

It is a 45-day phase and is dedicated to filtering and converting leads into sales. Our professionals will help you convert leads and make sure that no lead goes unnoticed. This phase includes:
  • Contact the leads generated by the campaign.
  • Understand their requirements and pitch your services.
  • Follow-up with potential leads and finalize sales.
  • Convert prospects to payable customers.
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