Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay-per-Click is an internet marketing model which is used when an advertisement is put up on a website and each time these ads are clicked, the advertisers is bound to pay a fee. It is a process of charging for an advertisement put up on the internet and on a website.

Role of PPC is vital to grasps users not organically though, rather by buying their visits to your published site.

A lot of time and toil is put into building a constructive PPC campaign, that is, from keywords selection to placing those keywords at the right position in the campaigns and ad groups to set up landing pages for PPC. All these are to be kept in mind and diligently done. We at SEO Strikers offer PPC campaigns at competitive prices. As PPC is an essential search engine marketing tool, we try to cover all the necessities of our clients and delivering them with fail-safe results.