Content Writing

Writing SEO content is not about stuffing keywords into the text, it is more about placing them intelligently so they blend seamlessly with the context.  Our content writers produce smart content that is SEO friendly and focused on utilising keywords and phrases frequently associated with web user’s from your target market, which in turn associate’s them to your website.

Benefits of Article/Press Release Submissions:

  • Drive traffic to your site: The more company-related links you have circulating through search engines, the more opportunity you have to generate relevant traffic and drive it back to your website.
  • Establish a presence on the Internet: The more press releases circulating about your company, the more opportunities people will have to become aware of your company.
  • Boost link popularity: The more links leading back to your site, the better your link popularity becomes.
  • Increase your rank in the SERPs: By optimizing your press releases and incorporating relevant links back to your website, you can help increase your site authority and your rank in search engine indexes.