About Us


In this world of stiff competition in terms of Website management where a lot of factors are considered while designing a website. Not only the technical aspect is covered, but the content displayed on each of the webpages , their internal navigation which users can easily access through or the validity of information provided on these webpages are of equal importance.

The world’s most competitive search engine Google has its own set of algorithms and tables to check the authenticity of a webpage. Google launches and updates it algorithms for SEO techniques frequently which makes one’s site more prone to being on a lower rank or can attain a higher rank too.

So, we being an Internet marketing company focus on ensuring that the live websites publish content which are of the highest level. We not only promise but strive to achieve this goal with utmost dedication and hardwork. Since, “Content” plays a significant role as per the latest update released by Google, we make sure that our team of experts comprising of SEO Offpage and Onpage teams, efficient writers, qualified Proofreader and the technical team to live the webpages, strive to publish valid content after using our content checking techniques.

Here at SEO Strikers, Site analysis is done thoroughly on regular basis so as to find any loop hole about the low ranking of your site. Even if a site does have a good ranking, then also we follow the analysis system to know explore more about the ranking. This helps in improving and improvising new techniques with regular updates in our search engine optimization scenario.

Our main motto is to provide SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization) services and strategies which will enhance the ranking and visibility of your company’s website. We cater to the need SEO needs of websites of any category ranging from small level enterprises to government organizations and high level organizations. One can assured of our services for which we charge a nominal fee which is well utilised when the final product is delivered.

At SEO Strikers, we initiate ourselves in work to be carried after the website goes live. This after-work includes analysis of your site, its page ranking, your competitors and scope for further improvement. All this is done!!!

Come and contact us, if you are unsure of where to start your website’s goals, the main purpose is to pose as a competition to other websites and search engines. Let us help you with your site and content!!